As a business owner and rancher, Dr. Rogers understands firsthand that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. The Texas economy is number one for a reason, and that is due to our pro-growth, pro-business policies. Texas businesses are the innovators of our time, and Glenn will continue to fight for policies that allow our businesses to flourish.

For his strong, pro-business support, Glenn is proudly endorsed by the Texas Association of Business and the Texas branch of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Border Security

Texas must have a strong southern border. The federal government has failed to protect our border, and Glenn believes that Texas must contribute the necessary resources to protect Texans from illegal immigration, gangs, and drug cartels, and defend the innocent from being victims of human-trafficking. During the 87th Legislature, Glenn increased funding by over $2.8 billion to secure our border with more troopers and technology.

Property Taxes

The Legislature has consistently failed to address the problem of skyrocketing property tax bills. Property taxes continue to rise, and the same politicians continue to provide lip service without addressing the problem. Glenn fought for meaningful and lasting property tax relief for property owners because he believes that the state must increase its share of funding to public education and stop putting so much of the burden on local taxpayers. Additionally, unfunded mandates handed down by the Legislature on our local governments need to be eliminated and prohibited by an amendment to the state constitution.

Second Amendment

The constitutional right to keep and bear arms must be protected at all costs. The recent calls to restrict our Second Amendment rights in response to the murderous acts of a few may be well-intentioned, but they are misguided. No legislation will remove hate in the hearts of some or force others to respect human life. Gun ownership is important to safeguard against both individual threats and potential governmental tyranny.

In the most recent legislative session, Glenn passed “Constitutional carry,” made Texas a sanctuary state for the Second Amendment, and removed federal restrictions on firearm suppressors that are manufactured in Texas.


As a Christian, Glenn believes that all life is created in the image of God. Glenn is a staunch believer in the precious sanctity of human life, is vehemently opposed to abortion. Glenn passed the “heartbeat” bill, which bans any abortion after the detection of an unborn child’s heartbeat. Glenn also increased funding to the Alternatives to Abortion program.

Glenn is endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life and LifePAC.

Public Education

As a proud, successful product of public education, Glenn is a strong supporter of our public schools. A graduate of Graham schools and former member of the Graford ISD school board, Glenn knows firsthand that our kids and teachers deserve access to the best public education system we can provide. A strong public education system leads to a strong workforce, which keeps the Texas economy number one in the nation and a driving force throughout the world.

Glenn added over $11 billion in public education funding, which is over the House Bill 3 commitments from 2019.

Supporting Our Teachers

As the son of a teacher, Glenn understands the critical importance of our teachers both active and retired. During the 2021 session, he authored the supplemental “13th check” legislation that became law. Glenn also increased the state’s contribution to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.


Texas leads the national in rural hospital closures. When a rural hospital closes it creates a barrier for many to access quality care and delays the arrival of emergency services in times of life-threatening crisis. Glenn made it a top priority to address this urgent challenge, and secured over $123 million for our rural hospitals.

Private Property

As a rancher and Farm Bureau leader, Glenn is an unwavering supporter of private property rights. Glenn passed legislation to reform overhaul the eminent domain process and make it more fair for landowners. Glenn also passed legislation that protects farmers and ranchers from frivolous lawsuits.

Glenn is endorsed by the Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND and the Texas REALTORS.